Drink Meetup with Mercari #43(Global Engineer)

Think Global!メルカリUS・UKのプロジェクトメンバーがお待ちしています!

Organizing : 株式会社メルカリ

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イベントについて (English Version as below)


  • 10/25(Tue)までにGoogleFormよりエントリーをおねがいします。
  • 抽選結果 は 10/26(Wed)までに抽選通過の方に限りメールにてご案内させていただいております。


今回のDrink Meetup with Mercariのテーマはグローバルエンジニア

メルカリはアプリDL数が日米5,500万DLを超え、シリーズDでは新たに約84億円を調達しました。メルカリのUS及びUKの世界展開にあわせ、国内ではソウゾウ社の設立とメルカリ アッテのローンチなど、事業組織ともに急拡大しています。

今回のDrink Meetup with Mercariでは、メルカリのUS&UKメンバーとゲストのみなさんが交流できる場にしたいと考えています。

ぜひこの機会に グローバルに活躍している/したいエンジニア のみなさまと出会えればと思っています!




2013年7月のサービスリリースから2年超で、日米5,500万DLを超える規模に成長したメルカリ。 2015年4月から始めたDrink Meetupは今回で43回目!になります。





時間 スケジュール内容
19:20~ 開場
19:30~ 挨拶&乾杯
19:35~ LT1:メンバーは10人!メルカリUKの今
19:50~ LT2:世界に挑戦するメルカリエンジニアリングチームのこんなことやります、やってます
20:05~ フリータイム
20:45~ 中締め
21:00 終了





  • Free Wifi あります

Event details

How to apply

  • Please apply via this Google Form by 10/25.
  • After applications are received, we will send a formal invitation to all accepted applicants by 10/26.


Mercari’s next Drink Meetup is all about Global Engineers!

Mercari continues to grow, with over 55 million downloads worldwide, raising approximately $75M in our last round of Series D funding. With a rapidly expanding user base in the US, a new office in the UK, and a growing subsidiary、souzoh, Inc., launching a new app, Mercari “atte” in Japan, the Mercari family is getting bigger every day!

Featured article: Marketplace app Mercari nabs $75M to become Japan’s first startup unicorn https://techcrunch.com/2016/03/01/mercari-unicorn/

For this Drink Meetup, we're inviting members from our US and UK teams, so that you can hear all about our overseas projects!

We look forward to meeting all kinds of engineers, especially those with experience working abroad. Anyone with a strong desire to work abroad is welcome too!

We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from our previous meetups. People love the fact that they can hear directly from our engineers, and learn much more about the company than from simply reading our website. Above all, it’s a fun time−so don’t hesitate to apply!


Mercari was launched in 2013 and has since become the largest mobile marketplace in Japan with over 55 million downloads worldwide. We’ve been holding Drink Meetup events since April 2015, and this one will be our 43rd!

Many team members who are involved with US/UK projects will be present at this event. It will be a great opportunity to hear directly from the people involved with Mercari’s international expansion!

We hope that you’ll be able learn more about Mercari and Souzoh through this Meetup event. We’ll be waiting for you with beers in hand! (Don’t worry, there will be non-alcoholic drinks too!)


Time Details
19:20~ Doors open
19:30~ Opening words & toast
19:35~ All about our 10-person Mercari UK team!
19:50~ Hear about what our global engineers do day-to-day in order to compete globally
20:05~ Free time
20:45~ Half-way point
21:00 End

※Lightning Talk themes (tentative)

Entering the building

Please provide your name and the name of your company to the LL floor front desk of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. Be ready to show some form of ID (2 business cards, driver’s license, company ID, etc.) Once you get your pass, please proceed to the Mercari offices on the 18th floor.


  • Free wifi will be available.

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